Our American Dream

And, so our journey begins, we’ve miraculously sold our house on Facebook… literally in a couple of days… despite the uneasy economy and a bizarre election to say the least.  We also managed to have an enormous moving sale and sell all of our belongings… & made our way to Belton, Tx… all to pursue our American Dream.

We plan to live simple, in a trailer, at my folk’s place.  Work year round on our goods and travel to shows that have a concentrated buyers market.  We have about 4 months till our first show…  We are planning on being at Zapp Hall near Roundtop, Texas.  Our goal is to produce 50-60 pieces of furniture intermingled with our vintage accessories and original art.


Things we believe about our venture…we believe in our quality & aesthetic…  we believe that color can brighten any mood &/or space…  we believe vintage is always better…  we believe the salvaged can be resurrected both in things and in people…  we believe your home is your sanctuary and it should be as RAD as you are…  we believe“MADE IN USA” and buying  local isa way of life… the only way…Revel-5

What we’ve realized in 2 months and why we are taking such a leap of faith…

1.  Dreams require a sacrifice to come true.

2.  “Things” do not determine who you are or what you’ve accomplished.

  1. A house is not necessary to have a home.
  1. Realizing and using our God given talents, abilities, and passion to glorify our Lord and Saviour is pleasing in his sight.
  1. We were made for this… Ben and I belong together.

Allie & Ben

  1. God hears and answers prayers… Amen!
  1. Rome was not built in a day…  sad, but true
  1. And, our trusty Dave Ramsey quote: “You must live now like no one else, so that later on you can truly live like no one else.”

We plan to document every aspect of our unconventional journey… by blogging! So, follow our interpretation of a bohemian adventure.  Stay tuned for more… So much has happened…

XO-  A


13 thoughts on “Our American Dream

  1. It’s great to do , & live your Passion, & your smart for doing it the right way.. so excited for you!!! And yes well be there to see ya!! God bless you as he fills your dreams, Xo Ck

  2. Wow, you got your blog up quickly! I am so excited for you guys and can’t wait to follow you on your journey! I’ve never seen two people more perfect for one another and meant for a journey of this nature, than you and Ben. You are so talented and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you two. Please don’t be a stranger and know our doors are always open, both in Padre and NB!

    We love you!
    Samanda, Colin and Baby K

  3. I so envy you two! It took so much courage to do what you have done! And how smart you are to do this while you are young. I am in my fifties and just realizing what I truly want to do. You are inspiring!!!!

  4. I know exactly how you are feeling!!! We have recently left an industry that my husband and I have worked together in for the past 17 years… to make furniture! People think we are crazy… maybe we are…but we are loving what we do again and that feels great! Although, we shall now live like “starving artist”. Good luck! I will be watching … I am sure the two of you will do GREAT!

  5. Best of luck to you two! So lovely to meet you on the last day you had your store in New Braunfels. Morgan and I look forward to following your journey! Nothing quite like giving it all over to God and trusting in Him.

  6. You guys rock! I saw a pic of your wing ( I want!) and signs (i paint signs, too 🙂 on IG and had to check out your blog. I love your msg and your style!

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