Settling In

Well, it has been quite an adventure… putting all of our faith and efforts into a tiny dream we’ve discussed a billion of times.  And, yet each day is different…


We have made our home in a tiny 10X24 foot space …  It’s efficient as all get out, which is excellent…love having a small carbon footprint…  We’ve organized and downsized to focus more on the biz.  Our families have been amazing.  We are truly blessed to have our families so selfless and so qualified to help us with our endeavors.   I’m sure for, both, our folks, this as all been pretty surreal, yet they are super supportive and understanding.  Family is what it is all about, after all, people…


Many ask us about the pains.    Letting go of our stuff, was pretty easy, now looking back…  Some will say it’s hard, but when you feel it, you just walk away for something bigger.  The adjustment has been hard at times, but we are trusting that we are on the right track to glorify our Lord and Saviour.


Ben has been amazing.  He’s converted an old 2 bay-garage, with the help of my broske, Joel, into a very inspirational workspace.  We are more organized then ever.  We soon will start production of our furniture again… I’ve missed it and often lay at night anticipating color schemes, furniture design, and concoctions that are very contrary.  We’re totally stoked about the focus we will now be able to give our art and furniture… In the past, we were always rushed, which disabled our creativity.  Relentless, we will now be giving more time and aspiration to each piece.  We have some groovy pieces in our pipeline… Hope you plug into our postings of before and after’s, and that you hang out with us, while we explore our dream a little more…


“Life is unexpected, but what always remains is a man’s dream.”




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