Our old home is now a memory….  It’s crazy but we’ve been living this lifestyle for about a month now and it’s been an adventure thus far.

So, we need a little bit of help…?  We need to name our humble abode…  “Trailer” just doesn’t seem to adequately capture our new freedom ride, nor does “love shack.”  I’ve toyed with both of them…  So, please share if you have any cool ideas…

Ben and I met with Melody Clampet, of Melody C. Photography, who came out to my folks place and took some cool, woodsy pictures of us….  I guess we wanted to capture our new adventure and what better way then to take pictures…  It was an experience I will always remember and Melody was just as lovely after nearly 12 years since I last saw her.


Melody C. Photography

Melody C. Photography


Melody C Photography

Melody C Photography


My best friend, my lil’ mija, was in town for a few days…  I also, got to hang out with another good friend, Mel!  And, what a story she tells of her calling to move her family back home.  Being surrounded by so many beautiful people, is a blessing… to be able to really hear and feel what someone is going thru takes practice but it is so rewarding.   It was amazing to get to see them and be around mija’s son, Connor…  He was amazingly smart and had such a compassionate little heart…  He loved riding our tiny 50 with my brosef.



Joel & Connor

Mija, Mel, & I

Mija, Mel, & I

Ben has taken on the roll of Purchasing Manager, as he has ordered our many parts and supplies so we can start production again….  He seizes to amaze me…  He is such a diligent and determined person and this dream of ours would be non-existent without him and his encouragement and hard work…

May your Christmas be what it’s really all about….



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