Tan. Cream. Taupe. Bleh.


Have you received the latest Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn catalogs?  What is going on with color??  Looking at their palette you’d think that rice, sand, egg whites and everything else pasty and dull is where it’s at.  Me?  Not so much…well, maybe my tan is lacking this time of year but in my heart of hearts I am a sun-kissed maven.  Spray tan of course.

I crave intense, saturated color… not necessarily everywhere, but sometimes a space needs a jolt of the unexpected.  This allows for a dramatic focal point that represents the fun people that live within the walls.

I guess I believe in color… I believe it can rescue not only your space, but also your attitude.  Color can instantly make someone happy, calm, satisfied, exhilarated, even sexy.  Color can transform a space… it’s the easiest change.  But alas….most folks are resistant to change.  Why is everyone fearful of color?   Give it a try!  My sister recently gave it a go in one of her bedrooms.  She was going for a shimmery violet-grey but her hub said it looked like automobile primer.  You can’t win them all but give it the old college try!

Please, don’t let 2013 go by without experiencing a color change… Whether it’s retiring that old shade of pink lipstick for a bright tangerine one (Hello Heat Wave), or changing your bland front door from drab to turquoise fab.  Do it this year! Be bold in 2013!  You won’t regret it!

As we prepare for our first show at Zapp Hall, we are faced with tons of design and color decisions.  We have pondered the trends for 2013 and we feel that these color schemes are fresh to death:

  1. Americana Chic:  Blue, red, and creamy whites with brass accents
  2. REGENCY:  Chartreuse, purple, and bright white with silver accents
  3. Coastal Chic: turquoise/aqua, tangerine/coral, and whites
  4. Preppy: emerald green, hot pink, white, and black with gold accents
  5. Goldrush Mint: mint green, gold, black and white

At our first show, expect to see faux bois, zebra, leopard, croc, vertical and horizontal stripes, ikat, chevron, and faux-quilted designs in lush, saturated color painted on furniture.  You will find eclectic and one-of-a-kind lighting as well as original art done by my dad, C.R. Hebert, and of course yours truly.

Go forth and make a bold splash for 2013! 



4 thoughts on “Tan. Cream. Taupe. Bleh.

  1. A & B
    Just your verbal description defies imagination. (except mine of course!)
    I am looking forward to the “birthing” of your new project/art/life
    Allie – you are an inspiration to us all in more ways than you can know…


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