Operating, finally

Having a business can rock your world.  This can obviously be an awesome thing but at the very same moment be stressful.  I can truly understand why some folks don’t see their dream produce any fruit or worse, they are too scared to try.  Starting a business is not for the weary.  You have to be proactive when you don’t feel like it, determined when things don’t go your way, focused when your creative juices aren’t juicing, and hardcore about giving things up to hopefully get things back.  All of this is churning around you and it is so important to take a moment and embrace the joy that you feel while doing what you love.  Gotta remember that you are using the gifts that He has given and in turn, are giving the glory to Him.

We’ve worked very hard on our new studio and made it completely RAD and a haven for inspiration.  What started out as a quick-fix studio, with the help of my brosef, has become a place to organize, get inspired, and design! 
There is a little history to our new headquarters… About 35 years ago, my dad, C.R., Uncle Jim and Uncle Danny built it as a recording studio for their punk rock group The Vipers.  As years past and lives changed, it became more of a storage area for my Mom’s Christmas garb (think the Griswold’s). We’ve breathed new life into the walls and it’s more than I could ask for.  Thank you Mom, Dad and Joel for allowing us to use the space…  We feel honored to be able to create there.
We have started painting and it feels amazing…  to work freely and without time constraints.  Ben is now compelled to spend more time to create more artistic furniture. He’s faux-boised a cute little curvy antique table and rocked out a sunburst on a vintage record console.  Bring on the brave, free-spirited folks who are ready….  Only cool people need apply.
“The impending squint of first light”- C.R. Hebert

2 thoughts on “Operating, finally

  1. Your studio is crazy cool but that red faux bois table is money!!!! OMG…you guys need to be in New York
    I love your posts and look forward to more xoxoxoxox

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