It’s been awhile since our last blog… so much has happened…

For those that don’t know…. 6 months ago we had a gorgeous home, a retail shop, and Ben had a full time job with benefits…  we gave it all up to pursue our furniture and art.


For the last 6 months we’ve resided in a travel trailer at my folks place… it’s beautiful here… the acreage… the horses and cows… life in the country has been amazing.

We truly believe in our product and our vision… which is to create radically charged furniture and art out of vintage finds.  Foregoing, the shabby and rustic… our pieces offer a sheen unlike you’ve never seen… or so people tell us…lol!

Our highly anticipated 1st show at Roundtop Antiques Fair was a success on many fronts… the feedback and contacts we made were astonishing.  Our sales…not so much. 

We hit up the Austin City-Wide Garage sale this past weekend… zero furniture sold… met a few inspiring folks and again had incredible feedback…

ImageImageImageImageImageThru all this… we still believe we are offering something uniquely original and more high-end then most people expect to see at a “garage sale” or an “antiques fair”

So we are pushing forward… hard, yes, but we see great reward in our hard work and dedication…

God has given us so much… our desire to create together… our health… the opportunity to pursue this… And, we are trusting in Him.


5 thoughts on “recap

  1. I remember seeing your booth at Zapp Hall, it was eye catcher. If you have higher end furniture have you considered selling at the Marburger Farm Antique Show? Your things look like they’d be a good fit for this show. You might check out their website, I’ve sold at City Wide too, but not much furniture sells here, just smalls. Good luck on finding the right show for your things.

  2. Hi Allie,
    My daughter and I were visiting from the Atlanta area and met you, your husband and your sister at the Austin city garage sale. Your items were definitely a standout in this venue. We loved your furniture. My daughter, Jenn especially loved the bright green cabinet that could serve as a bar. I know she would have loved to take it home with her but we knew it wouldn’t make it on the plane with us. Please try to come to the Atlanta area. My daughter lives in Decatur. We think you would definitely find buyers in our neck of the woods. I know that Jenn mentioned Paris on Ponce as a possibility. You should look into Scott’s Antique Market too. I am sharing your blog site with a decorator friend of mine. I am sure she will be able to give you some other suggestions. Please look into visiting us here. Thanks, Susan

  3. Hi! I love your stuff! I am remodeling a home and am in need of some pieces of furniture and decor. Do you have a way to view your items online with prices? I have 3 little boys and shopping and antiquing is nearly impossible! Thanks!

    • Hi jennifer! We are currently working on an ecommerce website and should have it up and running by the end of this week… thank you for your interest! art and soul, allie

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