retail vs wholesale

That is the question?

 For us, the last year has been a crazy ride…. A year ago our lives were pretty ordinary, really.  Ben worked full-time, I was knee deep into having our gallery in New Braunfels, we had a home!  Well, that’s changed now… for the better, of course!  We’ve sacrificed so much to get to where we are.  We sold our home and uprooted our dogs for Pete’s sake… lol!  We’ve worked hard trying to brand our business and create a unique and inspiring aesthetic.  We feel we are headed somewhere great!  Lord willing!

We have a storage unit full of finished pieces!  Awesome finished pieces!  In fact, we have enough products to fill a shop and we keep producing… What to do!  Our dream is to have a really cool hip wine bar/art gallery somewhere, but the overhead and finding the right location is daunting.

We have tossed the idea around about finding representation, you know consignment somewhere or selling wholesale .  But, then we hestitate.  Here’s our reasoning… please feel free to tell us that we are crazy or if you have any ideas at

  1. Losing our brand and identity
  2. Someone else watering down our unique aesthetic
  3. Giving the majority of our profit away

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