Atlast, Marburger!

Ben & I are gearing up for our debut show at Marburger Farm Antique Show.  This show is very special to us… attending this show as a patron last fall started it all.     After taking several day trips to Round Top, Texas, during the acclaimed Texas Antique Fair, we knew right away that we wanted to try this lifestyle… a lifestyle of working hard on our wares and traveling to shows where our art, furniture, and accessories could be seen by the masses.  So, very quickly, we got our game plan together… which included selling our home and most of our belongings to embark on this new chapter… This fall marks one year since we made the decision to really give our talents and our dream a go!  It’s gone by fast, but we remain focused as ever on creating our brand and living out our dream.                                                                 We were accepted into the Artisan Tent at Marbuger Farm… meaning we can bring our new creations, our art furniture and our original art.  We feel beyond excited and down right stoked about it!  Please make plans to be at Marburger Farm Antique Show this fall.  Dates are October 1st– October 5th.  It is an amazing experience all should have!  And, you might just happen to run into a celebrity or two, so we hear!    for details about Marburger Farm Antique Show visit their website at                                                                                        art and soul,                                                                                                                           xa                                                                                                                                            


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