REVELation Décor’s story began with a love for all things art. Allie and Ben Guenther are a match made in heaven with their overwhelming affection for chasing unique objects and giving them a new lease on life. It just so happens that new life might be with zesty orange zebra stripes or a cool lime green ombre! Not to mention the desire to achieve their dreams by working side-by-side, hand-in-hand.

With backgrounds in art and design, Allie and Ben took a huge leap of faith. They sold their home and belongings and bought what anyone would buy (wait for it!)… a travel trailer. They moved to Central Texas with their two dogs in tow and parked their humble abode on Allie’s childhood homestead. By converting tired buildings, they set-up shop and have never looked back. They have traveled and exhibited at numerous shows across their home state, including Texas Antiques Week, Austin City-Wide Sale, and the Dallas Market, to name a few.

Allie and Ben share a deep appreciation for art and design. Their philosophy is simple… that your home should be radically beautiful and should be a reflection of your soul. Bold when it comes to design, REVELation DÉCOR pushes the envelope with their eye-popping colors and exclusive “candy-coated shell” sheen.

By fighting everything that is generic and mass-produced they feel that in a sea of box stores it is impossible to make something your own. Tired of “made in china,” REVELation DÉCOR strives to design and create sculptural and reclaimed art mixed with unique vintage accessories and lighting. For them, home should be as funky and unique as the individuals who live there.


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